Dry Ginger Powder

Dry Ginger Powder


Cumin Seeds are known the important part of spices of Pakistani Cuisines. Cumin Seeds are collected from a flowering plant which is known as Cumin and belongs to the family of Apiaceae. Cumin Seeds are normally grounded to fine powder which is then used in cuisines to add flavor. In Pakistan and India, it is named has Zeera or Jeera. It has distinctive flavor, is a little hotter in taste and has essential oils in it.

Cumin powder is also called Cumin, Cumin Acre, Sweet Cumin or Anise Acre. Originated in Syria, cumin now found in many countries. Its taste and aroma is slightly bitter, warm and powerful while dishes like curry powders, chili, Mexican food, and burritos taste best with this fine spice.


Roasted very briefly on low fire (for only a minute) on a tawa (girdle) and then ground into powder helps release its flavour more fully. Cumin is considered a digestive.


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