Vermicelli also ( seviya, sivayya, shavayi ) is known as food prepared by using whole or refined wheat flour or semolina.

Pakistani, Bangladeshi households all over the world will celebrate with a comforting bowl of Vermicelli Kheer. The desert has its Mughal Cuisine.

Traditionally, the end of Ramdan, called Eid ul Fitr, is celebrated with such desert Vermicelli.

Healthy Benefits of Vermicelli

1- An Alternative Food for You

2- Rich in Protein

3- Provides Iron

4- Provides No Cholesterol

5- Provides Low Sodium Level

6- Prevents Heart Disease

How to use Mutabal Vermicelli

Mutabal Vermicelli Rolls

Mutabal Vermicelli Patees

Mutabal Sweet Milk Vermicelli

Mutabal Kunafa Puri

Mutabal Saffron Cake