Green Chili Chutney

Green Chili Chutney

A small straight, shrub-like branched plant with green and red fruits used as a taste enhancer and seasoning. Green Chilies are a household name and an essential ingredient in every house in Pakistani, Indian, Mexican and Thai cuisines.

Chilies are produced seasonally but consumed throughout the year. The pods are marketed both in green and red or natural form. It is dark green in color and mainly used as a green chili. The pod has fewer seed and is mainly used in salads and pickles.


Benefits of Green Chili Paste

1- Rich in Antioxidants.

2- Boosts the Immunity.

3- Calcium Rich.

4- Improves Vision.

5- Digestive Health.

6- Anti-Inflammatory.


Available In

330g, 750g & 1Kg